Assevero’s management approach of strong technical leadership; peer reviews and collaboration
supports anintegrated and effective workforce and helps us to achieve better results for our clients.​

Our strong technical leadership promotes a safe and supportive environment in which our technical staff members can build their own skills and insights as a practitioner, and ultimately improve the quality of service we provide to our clients. Each project has an assigned project manager who is responsible for providing technical leadership, making work assignments, and reviewing all products delivered to our clients.

Delivering exceptional business value to clients is a primary goal at Assevero. We understand that our success is strictly measured by how well we deliver on our committed project deliverables. Our project managers always take complete ownership of project delivery. ​ We insist that our client deliverables undergo a vigorous peer review process prior to being delivered to the client.

We have found that this allows a diversity of opinions to be articulated, and it helps to minimize any personal biases or preconceptions. ​We all have a stake in making sure our deliverable are accurate, complete, and meet our client’s requirements and expectations. Our peer review process is designed to support those goals.​Lastly, Assevero believes that collaboration both within and outside the organization promotes teamwork, supports knowledge sharing, innovation, and improved quality.  For this reason, we have invested heavily in collaborative technologies such as web conferencing, online document processing and storage, and cloud computing. We subscribe to the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise solution (Microsoft Exchange, Lynch SharePoint, and Office) which allows our employees to access their data, their colleagues, up-to-date software, and our corporate knowledge base from any web connected device.

Assevero’s management approach helps us to achieve better results for our clients.​

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