The ASCEND Program

Assevero is pleased to sponsor the Assevero Security Consulting Education, Networking, and Development (ASCEND) Program in concert with Maryland CyberWorks and the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation. We offer program participation to candidates who are either currently employed in the cybersecurity field and seeking a better opportunity, and high-potential applicants who are seeking their first job in the cyber security field. The program is designed to assist the participants to enhance their cyber security knowledge, skills, and credentials, and help them find employment.

Assevero provides mentoring support, information technology resources, program administration, internal and external instructors and facilitators, meeting spaces, and training materials to support ASCEND activities. In addition, Assevero strives to provide internal and external employment opportunities to program participants.

Assevero is proud to participate in “Cyber Central”— a workforce development program designed to provide candidates with the real-world, hands-on experience necessary to obtain full-time positions in today’s competitive cybersecurity and IT industry. Funded by both the Maryland State Government through the EARN Maryland program and private contributions, Cyber Central is helping Maryland companies address their workforce needs while simultaneously helping candidates start careers and improve Maryland’s economy.

There are no costs or obligations and participants generally receive no compensation for their participation — although some portions of the program may provide a small stipend or other compensation.

ASCEND program participants will enjoy a respectful and collegial environment designed to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and employability. In addition, participants will benefit from:

  • Tailored training and development plans — focused on skills and knowledge that employers are looking for;
  • Professional certification preparation and coaching;
  • Career counseling and mentoring support;
  • Training materials, classroom and online courses, and other resources;
  • Research and development opportunities;
  • Job placement assistance and employment opportunities;
  • Guest lectures presented by leaders in government, academia, and industry;
  • Professional networking and collaboration opportunities;
  • Field trips and social activities; and,
  • New friendships, professional connections and entrepreneurial skills that will continue beyond their time in the ASCEND program.