Employment Benefits Summary

Assevero offers a highly competitive base salary. Our base salaries typically run between 6% and 12% higher than the industry average for comparable jobs in the same geographic location. As an adjunct to our highly competitive base compensation plan, Assevero offers a full suite of fringe benefits to all full-time employees. Part-time employees are eligible to participate in some of these benefits.

Retirement Benefits

Heath, Vision & Dental

  • High-quality coverage through CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Assevero pays 80% of health insurance for the employee.
  • Additional coverage (e.g. for spouse, family) is available through payroll deduction.
  • Health Savings Account with dollar-for-dollar company match up to $100 per month.
    • Tax-free HSA contributions.
    • Tax-free interest on HSA balances
    • Balances may be invested to provide for increased returns

Paid Time Off

  • Eight weeks paid time off for vacation, inclement weather, sick leave, and federal holidays.
  • PTO accrues at a rate of 26.66 hours per monthly pay period.
  • Three additional days of paid time off may be approved for qualified voluntary work in your community.

Tuition and Training Reimbursement

  • 100% reimbursement for relevant technical training and certification preparation courses
  • Tuition reimbursement for professionally relevant higher-education courses.
    • 90% reimbursement for an A, or equivalent.
    • 80% for a B, or equivalent.
    • 80% for “Pass” for “Pass/Fail” courses.
    • 50% for a C, or equivalent.
    • No reimbursement for non-passing grades.
  • Maintenance payments for relevant professional memberships and certifications are also covered, subject to an annual limit of $1000.
  • Books, supplies, and fees (such as registration, graduation, library, student activities, labs, etc.) are not covered.

Military Leave

  • Full-time employees are entitled to military leave.
    • Up to 22 workdays of military leave may be granted per calendar year for emergency duty as ordered by the President or a State governor.
    • Reservists and National Guardsman are entitled to 44 workdays of military leave for duties overseas under certain conditions.
  • An employee’s pay remains the same for periods of military leave. The employee’s pay is reduced by the amount of military pay for the days of military leave.
  • Employee may elect to take PTO in lieu of military leave and get both company pay and military pay.
  • When an employee requests military leave, they must make an appropriate request and provide copies of their military orders.

Employee Referral Bonuses

  • All full-time employees are eligible for a $6,000 referral bonus for referred candidates who are ultimately hired.
  • $3,000 is payable as soon as the referred candidate starts work
  • $3,000 is paid after 90 days, assuming the referred employee remains employed.

Company Paid Insurance

Other Benefits

  • Autonomy and Responsibility
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Advancement and Job Change Opportunities
  • Performance and Achievement Recognition
  • Optional company-paid social events such as luncheons, holiday parties, and sporting events.
  • Work alongside some of the cyber industry’s best thought leaders and technical experts.
  • Opportunities to serve your community and country.
  • Enjoy a fun, safe, and rewarding work environment.