Summer 2015 ASCEND Classes Begin

The Summer 2015 cohort of the Assevero Security Consulting, LLC Education Networking, and Development (ASCEND) Program has begun.

The ASCEND program is designed to deliver basic cybersecurity, career planning, mentoring, and workforce preparation services. The program will assist participants to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and credentials, and to help them find fulfilling employment in the cybersecurity industry.  Participants will enjoy a respectful and collegial environment designed to enhance both basic and specialized cybersecurity knowledge and employability. In addition to the tailored development plans, participants have access to:

  • Certification exam preparation and coaching,
  • Career counseling and mentoring support,
  • Access to current and relevant training resources,
  • Textbooks, training guides, and other materials
  • Guest lectures presented by leaders in government, academia and industry,
  • Limited job placement assistance, and
  • Professional networking and collaboration opportunities.

Most resources and materials are delivered virtually, through the ASCEND SharePoint site. The majority of the coursework is self-paced, allowing for participants with disparate levels of experience and abilities to complete the program at their convenience. The 38 participants will each complete thirty-two discrete learning pathways based on their interests, experience, and career choices.  See this recent article in the Annapolis Capital Gazette for more information.