Cyber development

Assevero is a market leader in training and placing cybersecurity professionals. Our cybersecurity development offering is designed to help our clients locate and recruit cyber security professionals for openings that have been difficult for them to fill using their own resources.

Assevero works closely with client hiring managers and internal recruiters to understand the specific experiential, educational, skill set, security clearance, and temperament requirements for each requirement.

As an adjunct to this offering, Assevero participates in CyberWorks Maryland — a workforce development program designed to provide candidates with the real-world, hands-on experience necessary to obtain full time positions in today’s competitive cyber security and IT industry. Through CyberWorks, Assevero is helping Maryland companies address their workforce needs while simultaneously helping candidates start careers and improve Maryland’s economy.

Assevero participates in the CyberWorks program through the Assevero Security Consulting, LLC Education, Networking, and Development (ASCEND) Program. The ASCEND program is designed to help the participants enhance their cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and credentials, and to help them find fulfilling employment in the cyber security industry. ASCEND program participants benefit from:

  • Tailored training and development
  • Custom training materials
  • Professional certification preparation
  • Career counseling and mentoring support
  • Classroom Learning
  • Customized online courseware
  • Research and development opportunities
  • Guest lectures from leaders in government, academia, and industry, and
  • Job placement assistance

Participants also benefit from new friendships, professional connections, and entrepreneurial skills that will outlast their time in the ASCEND program.