Cyber Solutions

Starting soon, Assevero will offer a variety cyber services and solution through our subsidiary, ™ will help connect vetted and approved cyber professionals, with selected and approved buyers, for the purposes of establishing high-profile professional services engagements related to cybersecurity.

Cybersanity seeks to attract engagements that enhance the vendor’s prestige and professional standing, without interfering with their normal employment.

We envision that will support short-term cybersecurity consulting arrangements such as:

  • Document and manuscript reviews and critiques
  • News media commentary and appearances
  • Participation in corporate and government advisory boards
  • Expert testimony, and Similar engagements

It provides a suite of easy to use, business-oriented tools and capabilities, including useful buyer and seller tools, backend databases, collaboration features, administrative functions, and robust security capabilities. guides buyers through a carefully defined process designed to easily and precisely define their professional services requirements; post solicitations, solicit proposals, answer questions, clarify requirements, select sellers, manage service execution, compensate sellers for their service, and rate their experience.

Similarly, cybersecurity professionals use to develop their responses to buyer solicitations, submit proposal, manage service execution, be compensated for their services, and rate their experience. It uses innovative and easy to complete web forms, pre-selected taxonomies, and other selectors to help the buyer precisely categorize and define requirements such as the desired service, necessary skills, knowledge, experience, credentials, and availability.

The solicitation is then posted and advertised on the site, and, based on the buyer’s stated requirements, a selected subset of suitable sellers is invited to submit a response. Interested sellers use similar tools to reply to the solicitation, describe their skills, knowledge, experience, credentials, and availability, as well as a proposed approach and cost. provides a fast, easy, safe, and sane way for organizations to find the cybersecurity products and services they need.